This article is a summary of a YouTube video "How to Edit Spatial Video MV-HEVC in 3D with DaVinci Resolve for Apple Vision Pro" by Hugh Hou

Step-by-Step Guide: Editing Apple Spatial Video and Creating 3D Graphics

TLDRLearn how to edit Apple spatial video, insert 3D graphics, and encode 3D video back to Apple MV-HEVC. Also discover how to decode and encode spatial video for Meta Quest 3 and YouTube VR on Steam or PSVR. By the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to create your first Apple spatial video!

Key insights

Editing Apple spatial video is an accessible process that involves converting MV-HEVC to side-by-side 3D video.

🎨Inserting 3D graphics into your spatial video can enhance the viewer's experience and depth perception.

📽️Davinci Resolve Studio provides a powerful 3D alignment tool for editing spatial video.

🎯Adjusting convergence distance allows you to control the 3D depth of your spatial video.

📺Exporting the edited spatial video in the correct format ensures compatibility with different devices and platforms.


How do I convert MV-HEVC to side-by-side 3D video?

You can use apps like Spatialify or Halocline to convert MV-HEVC to side-by-side 3D video.

Which software is best for editing spatial video?

Davinci Resolve Studio is highly recommended for editing spatial video due to its powerful 3D alignment tool.

Can I insert 3D graphics into my spatial video?

Yes, you can use motion graphics templates or create your own 3D graphics and insert them into your spatial video.

How can I adjust the 3D depth of my spatial video?

You can adjust the convergence distance in Davinci Resolve Studio to control the 3D depth of your spatial video.

What is the recommended export format for spatial video?

For Apple Vision Pro, it is recommended to convert the edited spatial video back to MV-HEVC using services like Halocline.

Timestamped Summary

00:00This tutorial covers the step-by-step process of editing Apple spatial video and incorporating 3D graphics.

01:00The author introduces the tutorial and highlights the benefits of editing Apple spatial video.

02:18The author provides additional resources for those who want to shoot spatial video using an iPhone.

05:45Converting MV-HEVC to side-by-side 3D video using apps like Spatialify and Halocline is explained.

06:37Previewing and selecting takes in 3D is made easy with the Spatialify app and external 3D displays.

09:23Separating the left and right eye footage using FFMPEG is demonstrated.

12:00Editing spatial video using Davinci Resolve Studio and its powerful 3D alignment tool is showcased.

13:35Converting the edited spatial video back to MV-HEVC format using Halocline is explained.