Should These Tools Be Standalone Apps? - Underground AI Review

TLDRIn this episode of Underground AI, the host explores whether certain AI tools should be standalone apps or not. The host reviews three tools - Locus Extension, Intellis XYZ, and Blog Fox - and provides insights into their usefulness and value compared to existing alternatives. The host emphasizes the need for unique and novel ideas in AI tools and encourages feedback and improvement from developers.

Key insights

🔎Many AI tools are similar and lack differentiation, with some being unnecessary standalone apps.

Some AI tools, like Locus Extension, provide unique value and novel ideas for users.

💰Consider the cost of an AI tool and whether there are free or existing alternatives.

🌐Explore different platforms, like Perplexity or CLA, that offer similar features to Locus Extension.

📚Intellis XYZ provides a simple task and checklist app, but alternatives like Checkle and GPT 3.5 can offer similar functionality.


Are these AI tools worth the cost?

Some tools may offer unique value, but it's important to consider if there are free or existing alternatives.

What are some alternatives to Locus Extension?

Perplexity and CLA are alternative platforms that offer similar features.

Is there a free version of Intellis XYZ?

Intellis XYZ offers a paid version for $3 per month.

Can GPT 3.5 provide checklist functionality?

GPT 3.5 can generate checklists, but tools like Checkle provide dedicated checklist generation.

Are there any free alternatives to Blog Fox?

There are other tools and platforms that can convert YouTube videos into blog posts, but Blog Fox allows three free conversions.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the episode and the purpose of reviewing AI tools

02:32Review of the first tool, Locus Extension, its pricing, and its functionality

04:13Review of the second tool, Intellis XYZ, its concept, pricing transparency, and basic features

06:40Review of the third tool, Blog Fox, its ability to convert YouTube videos into blog posts, and the limitation of three free conversions

08:44Comparison of GPT 3.5 and CLA for checklist generation

09:39Summary of the overall review and the need for unique and novel ideas in AI tools