Satisfying Bullet Experiments: Recreating Suicide Squad Moments in Real Life

TLDRWatch as we recreate the iconic slow-motion bullet scene from Suicide Squad in real life using a .50 caliber bullet and a 22 caliber bullet. We explore the impact and effects of each bullet and analyze the differences. Don't try this at home!

Key insights

🔫Recreating the slow-motion bullet moment from Suicide Squad using real bullets.

💥Exploring the impact and effects of a .50 caliber bullet fired through a 22 caliber bullet.

🎥Comparing the results of our experiment to the movie scene.

🔬Analyzing the slow-motion footage to understand the physics behind the bullet collision.

🤯Discussing the realism of bullet-related scenes in movies and TV shows.


Is it safe to recreate bullet scenes from movies in real life?

No, recreating bullet scenes from movies can be extremely dangerous. We take strict safety precautions and advise against attempting these experiments yourself.

What types of bullets did you use in the experiment?

We used a .50 caliber bullet and a 22 caliber bullet to recreate the slow-motion bullet moment from Suicide Squad.

Did the experiment match the movie scene?

While our experiment showcased similar effects, it's important to note that movie scenes often employ special effects and cinematic techniques to enhance the visual impact.

What were the key findings of the experiment?

Our experiment demonstrated the devastating impact of a .50 caliber bullet on a smaller 22 caliber bullet. The slow-motion footage allowed us to analyze the physics and understand the interaction between the two bullets.

How can movies and TV shows accurately portray bullet-related scenes?

To accurately portray bullet-related scenes, movies and TV shows can consult experts in ballistics and special effects. It's essential to balance realism with the safety of the actors and crew.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction and overview of the experiment: recreating the slow-motion bullet moment from Suicide Squad in real life.

02:22Preparation and examination of the .50 caliber bullet and 22 caliber bullet to be used in the experiment.

06:10Slow-motion footage of the .50 caliber bullet being fired through the 22 caliber bullet, showcasing the impact and effects.

09:59Analysis and comparison of the experiment's results to the movie scene from Suicide Squad.

12:24Escalating the experiment by using a more powerful bullet to showcase the differences and effects.

13:59Slow-motion footage of the escalated experiment, highlighting the impact and liquid effects.