Sam Claflin Reads Hilarious First Tweets!

TLDRSam Claflin reads and reacts to funny and outrageous tweets about him, including requests to eat ham sandwiches and lick his beard. He shares his witty responses and invites viewers to see his new movie, Book of Love.

Key insights

😂Sam Claflin has a great sense of humor and responds cleverly to the tweets about him.

🍽️The tweets include requests for Sam to eat a ham sandwich, revealing the humorous and imaginative nature of his fans.

👅Fans express their desires to lick Sam's beard, highlighting his attractiveness and the playful nature of the tweets.

🎬Sam promotes his new movie, Book of Love, and suggests it's not for those looking to watch him eat ham sandwiches or lick his beard.

🤣Sam showcases his witty and entertaining personality in his responses, making the video enjoyable to watch.


What is the video about?

The video is about Sam Claflin reading and reacting to humorous tweets about him.

What are some of the funny tweets mentioned?

Some funny tweets include requests for Sam to eat a ham sandwich and desires to lick his beard.

What movie does Sam Claflin promote?

Sam promotes his new movie, Book of Love, in the video.

What emoji does Sam use to respond to the tweets?

Sam uses various emojis to respond, including laughing and food-related emojis.

Is the video entertaining to watch?

Yes, Sam's witty responses and humorous reactions make the video enjoyable and entertaining.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the video where Sam Claflin announces that he will be reading and reacting to first tweets.

01:18Sam reacts to a tweet referring to him as a 'dreamboat' and jokes about the definition of a dreamboat.

02:10Sam responds to a tweet expressing willingness to pay to watch him eat a ham sandwich.

02:52Sam reacts to a tweet stating a desire to lick his beard.

03:36Sam responds to a tweet mentioning him as 'Mr. Hunky' and jokingly refers to himself as 'Mr. Hunky from District 4'.

04:26Sam reacts humorously to a tweet expressing a desire to eat a ham sandwich in his hair.

04:48Sam responds playfully to a tweet mentioning his buttocks and his short 'bum'.

05:22Closing remarks by Sam, promoting his movie and teasing the possibility of beard licking in the sequel.