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Road Trip in an Electric Vehicle: Overcoming Range Anxiety

TLDRJoin me on a road trip in an electric vehicle as I tackle range anxiety and document my journey from Southern New Hampshire to Philadelphia. Get insights into EV efficiency, charging strategies, and the capabilities of the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

Key insights

:battery:Range anxiety can be overcome with careful planning and understanding of EV capabilities.

:zap:Efficiency is key when maximizing the range of an electric vehicle.

:fuelpump:Choosing the right charging station can greatly impact the efficiency and speed of charging.

:thermometer:Monitoring battery temperature is crucial for optimal performance and range.

:map:Proper navigation and real-time range estimation are essential during a long-distance EV trip.


How do you deal with range anxiety on long road trips?

By carefully planning the route, choosing charging stations strategically, and monitoring range estimations.

What factors affect the efficiency of an electric vehicle?

Speed, weather conditions, terrain, and driving style can all impact the efficiency of an electric vehicle.

What charging strategies do you employ during the road trip?

I aim to charge at high-power stations that can provide the fastest charging speeds, and I try to avoid charging at slow locations.

How do you monitor the battery temperature during the trip?

I use OBD data to track battery temperature and ensure it stays within optimal range.

How accurate are the range estimations provided by the vehicle's navigation system?

The range estimations provided by the navigation system can be reliable, but it's essential to consider external factors like weather and driving conditions.

Timestamped Summary

00:19Embarking on a road trip in an electric vehicle with a focus on range anxiety and efficiency.

03:44Discussing the planned route and estimated range for the trip.

06:27Tracking efficiency and sharing insights on driving habits and comfort settings.

09:59Monitoring battery temperatures and the impact on performance and range.

11:53Navigating the charging station options and discussing the importance of choosing high-power charging locations.

15:40Encountering challenges with the vehicle's navigation system and relying on PlugShare for accurate charging information.

19:20Providing insights and tips for overcoming range anxiety and optimizing the EV driving experience.