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Reviewing the Mitsubishi IM: A Family-Sized Electric Car with Upgraded Battery

TLDRThe Mitsubishi IM, one of the first family-sized electric cars released in the UK in 2009, has undergone significant improvements. Its battery capacity has doubled, increasing its range. The software has been updated, and the regenerative braking has been enhanced. The upgraded IM offers a comfortable driving experience, excellent visibility, and improved energy efficiency.

Key insights

🚗The Mitsubishi IM has undergone significant improvements, including a doubled battery capacity and increased range.

🔋The refurbished IM demonstrates the importance of extending the lifespan of electric cars and reusing batteries in other applications.

⚙️The IM's one-pedal driving feature and enhanced regenerative braking make it incredibly energy efficient.

🏎️The IM is a joy to drive, offering great maneuverability and a tight turning radius.

🌏With its upgraded battery range, the IM is now a reliable and viable option for European travel.


What is the battery capacity of the upgraded Mitsubishi IM?

The upgraded IM now has a battery capacity of nearly 30 kWh, almost double the original capacity.

What improvements have been made to the IM's driving experience?

The IM now features one-pedal driving and enhanced regenerative braking, making it incredibly energy efficient.

How has the range of the IM improved?

The new battery and software updates have significantly increased the IM's range, making it a suitable option for European travel.

What other applications can the refurbished IM batteries be used for?

The refurbished IM batteries can be used in various applications, contributing to the sustainability and longevity of the electric car ecosystem.

Is the IM suitable for long journeys?

While the IM may not be ideal for long journeys in Australia's vast landscapes, it offers sufficient range for travel across European countries.

Timestamped Summary

00:03The Mitsubishi IM, released in 2009, has received significant upgrades.

00:43The IM's battery capacity has doubled, improving its range and efficiency.

02:55The IM now features one-pedal driving and enhanced regenerative braking.

06:02The IM offers excellent maneuverability and a tight turning radius.

08:36The IM's battery upgrades make it a reliable and viable option for European travel.