Restoring and Upgrading a Pump - DIY Project

TLDRIn this video, we restore and upgrade an old pump that wasn't working properly. We fixed the gasket and seal, replaced worn-out parts, and added new bolts for better stability. The pump is now working like new!

Key insights

🔧Restoring and upgrading old equipment

💦Fixing weak water pumping

🔩Replacing worn-out parts

🌈Improving the overall functionality

🌻Preparing for the rainy season


What was wrong with the pump?

The gasket and seal were worn out, causing weak water pumping.

What did you do to fix the pump?

We replaced the gasket, seal, and worn-out parts, and added new bolts for stability.

Is the pump working properly now?

Yes, after the restoration and upgrades, the pump is working like new.

Did you improve any other aspects of the pump?

Yes, we also fixed the check valve and addressed other areas of improvement.

What are your future plans for the pump?

We plan to use the pump for irrigating plants during the upcoming rainy season.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction and dismantling the pump for restoration.

07:01Repairing and greasing the gasket and seal for improved water pumping.

10:31Fixing worn-out parts and adding new bolts for stability.

13:01Showing the upgraded pump in action, pumping water smoothly.

15:31Updates on other ongoing projects and plans for future use of the pump.