Recreating Iconic Video Game Characters as Lego Minifigures

TLDRWatch as I recreate 20 iconic video game characters as Lego minifigures, including Ash Ketchum, Link, Kratos, Mario, and more! Join me in this creative project and see how these mini figures come to life.

Key insights

🔑I recreated 20 iconic video game characters as Lego minifigures.

🧩I designed custom accessories and hair pieces to bring each character to life.

🎮Characters from popular games like Pokemon, Zelda, God of War, and Fortnite are featured.

💰I partnered with Lukeboy and TD Brits to donate bricks and raise funds for charity.

🌽I also recreated characters from popular mobile games like Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans, and Angry Birds.


How did you design the custom accessories?

I used a combination of Lego pieces, third-party printed parts, and paint to create unique accessories for each character.

Which character was the most challenging to recreate?

Recreating Mario as a Lego minifigure was the most time-consuming and challenging due to the level of detail required.

Did you play these video games as inspiration for the project?

Yes, I played each video game to familiarize myself with the characters and their iconic features.

Why did you partner with Lukeboy and TD Brits for charity?

We wanted to make a positive impact with our hobby by using the proceeds from brick donations to support children in need.

Will you continue to create more Lego minifigures in the future?

Absolutely! I plan to continue creating Lego versions of iconic characters and exploring new creative projects.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the project and the goal of recreating iconic video game characters as Lego minifigures.

02:58Recreation of Pokemon characters, including Ash Ketchum and Charmander.

07:46Recreation of characters from Roblox and The Legend of Zelda, including Link and Ganondorf.

13:17Recreation of characters from God of War and Red Dead Redemption, including Kratos and Arthur Morgan.

17:29Recreation of characters from Fortnite and Subway Surfers, including Jonesy and Jake.

20:59Recreation of characters from Clash of Clans and Plants vs Zombies, including the Barbarian and the Zombie.

22:40Recreation of characters from Jetpack Joyride and Call of Duty, including Barry Steakfries and Ghost.

28:34Recreation of Mario as a Lego minifigure, showcasing the detailed painting process.

30:54Conclusion and reflection on the project, as well as the charity partnership with Lukeboy and TD Brits.