This article is a summary of a YouTube video "WAS I WRONG? New Playstation Portal 24 Hours Later Is…(HONEST REVIEW)" by CKid

PlayStation Portal Unboxing and Setup | Everything You Need to Know

TLDRThe PlayStation Portal is finally here, and in this video, I unbox it, set it up, and give you my thoughts on its features and performance. I also show you a hack to use your existing wireless gaming headset with the Portal. Stay tuned for gameplay and a secret compartment accessory!

Key insights

📦Unboxing and first impressions of the PlayStation Portal

🎮Walkthrough and setup process of the Portal

🔊Using existing wireless gaming headsets with the Portal

🕹️Initial gameplay experience and thoughts

🤫Showcasing a secret compartment accessory for the Portal


Can I use the PlayStation Portal with any wireless gaming headset?

Yes, you can use your existing wireless gaming headset with the PlayStation Portal. I'll show you a hack in this video!

How is the screen quality of the Portal?

Initially, the screen quality may not be the best. However, after a few moments, the quality improves and provides a great viewing experience.

Is there a screen protector available for the Portal?

Yes, there are screen protectors available for the PlayStation Portal. I'll provide a link in the description below for your convenience.

What is the secret compartment accessory?

The secret compartment accessory, called the PS suit from Dark Fusion Concepts, is a custom plate for the Portal that features a secret compartment for cable management and additional vents for cooling. It adds a unique and stylish touch to the Portal.

How is the overall performance of the PlayStation Portal?

Based on my initial experience, the performance of the PlayStation Portal is great. The controller feels comfortable in hand, the connectivity is smooth, and the gameplay is responsive. I look forward to exploring more features and games on the Portal.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction and excitement for the PlayStation Portal

00:05Unboxing the PlayStation Portal and initial impressions

01:30Setting up the Portal and connecting to the PS5

03:10Using existing wireless gaming headsets with the Portal

04:45Initial gameplay experience and thoughts

06:20Showcasing the secret compartment accessory for the Portal