Our Unexpected Health Situation and Surgery in Malaysia

TLDRFind out about our unexpected health situation in Malaysia, where we had surgery in just one week after arrival. We share our experiences with healthcare and what we learned.

Key insights

💔Discover our shock when we learned about a large fibroid that needed to be surgically removed.

💰Learn about the affordable cost of healthcare in Malaysia, including office visits, ultrasounds, blood work, and more.

🏥Get insights into our experiences with the healthcare system in Malaysia, including the ease of making appointments and the quality of care.

🌍Understand the importance of having global health insurance when traveling abroad, especially for unexpected healthcare needs.

Explore the timeline of our healthcare journey, from making appointments to getting surgery in just one week.


How did you find healthcare providers in Malaysia?

We researched and asked for recommendations from other expats in Malaysia. We also used WhatsApp to communicate with hospitals and doctors' offices.

What was the cost of your surgeries and consultations?

Without insurance, the total cost of consultations, ultrasounds, blood work, ECGs, and surgeries was relatively affordable. We paid around $133 for office visits and $118 for a comprehensive health screening.

How long did it take to schedule your surgeries?

We were able to schedule surgeries within a week of our initial appointments. The healthcare system in Malaysia is efficient and appointments can be made quickly.

Did you have any issues communicating with healthcare providers?

No, we did not have any issues as most healthcare providers in Malaysia are fluent in English. We were able to communicate effectively through in-person appointments, phone calls, and texting.

Did you have health insurance that covered your surgeries?

Yes, we had global health insurance that covered a portion of our surgeries. We recommend having health insurance when traveling abroad for unexpected healthcare situations.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to our unexpected health situation and surgery in Malaysia

04:15Booking appointments and preparing for healthcare in Malaysia

06:58Diagnosis of a large fibroid and the need for surgery

09:19Scheduling surgeries and the cost of healthcare

10:32Health screening and tests before surgery

12:08Efficiency and affordability of healthcare in Malaysia