Our New Snow Cat Adventure Begins!

TLDRAfter years of searching, we finally found a rare snow cat with four tracks. Although it doesn't run, we have big plans to fix it up and take it for a spin in deep snow.

Key insights

⭐️We found an incredibly rare snow cat with four tracks.

🔧Although the snow cat doesn't run, we have plans to fix it up.

🌨️Our goal is to test the snow cat in deep snow and see what it can do.

🚗We embarked on an adventure to pick up the snow cat in a remote location.

👨‍👩‍👦Our excitement is shared by our children, who can't wait to try out the snow cat.


Why did it take so long to find a snow cat?

Snow cats with four tracks are incredibly rare and hard to come by.

What are your plans for the snow cat?

We plan to fix it up and test it in deep snow to see its capabilities.

Where did you pick up the snow cat?

We traveled to a remote location to pick up the snow cat.

Is the snow cat in working condition?

No, it doesn't run at the moment, but we're confident we can fix it.

Are you excited about the snow cat?

Yes, we're incredibly excited, and our children can't wait to try it out.

Timestamped Summary

00:00After years of searching, we found a rare snow cat in need of repair.

03:17We picked up the snow cat in a remote location and marveled at its unique design.

06:11Once back home, we immediately started working on fixing the snow cat's starter solenoid.

09:51After troubleshooting and swapping some parts, the snow cat came to life.

14:26We took the snow cat for a test drive and were impressed by its performance.