Noteworthy New Snacks Worth Trying According to Sporked

TLDRJoin us as we try some new snacks recommended by Sporked, including Lay's Pancake Breakfast Potato Chips and Hidden Valley's New Flavors of Ranch Dressing. We also taste Easter Sundae M&M's and share our thoughts on each.

Key insights

🍟We tried Lay's potato chips that are supposed to taste like a pancake breakfast at IHOP and found them surprisingly good!

🥕🥬Hidden Valley released seven new flavors of ranch dressing, and the Garlic Ranch flavor tastes exactly like Papa John's garlic butter sauce mixed with ranch.

🍫🍒The Easter Sundae M&M's have layers of white and dark chocolate and a prominent cherry flavor, reminiscent of chocolate-covered cherries.


Are these snacks available year-round?

The Lay's pancake breakfast potato chips and Hidden Valley's new flavors of ranch dressing will likely be available for a while, while the Easter Sundae M&M's may be seasonal.

Where can I find these snacks?

You can find these snacks at major grocery stores and retailers nationwide.

Do the Lay's pancake breakfast potato chips really taste like pancakes?

Yes, they surprisingly capture the flavor of a pancake breakfast at IHOP.

Is the Garlic Ranch dressing creamy?

Yes, it has a creamy consistency, similar to traditional ranch dressing.

Do the Easter Sundae M&M's taste like chocolate-covered cherries?

Yes, they have a prominent cherry flavor that resembles chocolate-covered cherries.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to trying new snacks recommended by Sporked.

00:21Discussion about the word 'tergiversation' and its meaning.

01:41Tasting Lay's pancake breakfast potato chips and sharing our thoughts.

06:16Tasting Hidden Valley's new flavors of ranch dressing, focusing on the Cheez-It Cheezy Ranch and Garlic Ranch flavors.

07:59Tasting Easter Sundae M&M's and describing the flavor.

09:58Personal anecdotes about chocolate-covered cherries and ranking the snacks.