My First Time at Odom - Impostor Syndrome, Set-Up Challenges, and Excitement

TLDRIn this video, I share my experience of attending Odom for the first time. I talk about the challenges of setting up my booth, feeling impostor syndrome, and the excitement of being at a big convention.

Key insights

😅Setting up my booth at Odom was challenging, but I managed to find a solution and stabilize it.

😓I struggled with impostor syndrome, comparing my booth to others, but reminded myself of my own strengths and success.

🤔The convention is larger than I expected, and I had to adapt to the long hours and intense atmosphere.

😍Despite the challenges, I'm excited to be at Odom and have the opportunity to connect with fans and showcase my art.

🌟Attending Odom has been a significant investment, but I believe it will be a valuable experience for my art career.


How did you solve the problem of stabilizing your booth?

I built multiple shelves to stabilize my booth and prevent it from falling down.

How did you deal with impostor syndrome?

I reminded myself of my own strengths and success, focusing on the unique value I bring to the convention.

What challenges did you face at Odom?

The long hours and intense atmosphere were challenging, but I adapted and remained determined.

Why are you excited about attending Odom?

I'm excited to connect with fans, showcase my art, and further my art career through this valuable opportunity.

Was attending Odom worth the investment?

Yes, despite the expenses, I believe attending Odom will provide valuable experiences and opportunities for my art career.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introducing the video and my excitement about attending Odom for the first time.

03:47Sharing my concerns and challenges of setting up my booth.

05:20Reflecting on the expenses and investment required for participating in Odom.

09:16Discussing my experiences of exploring DC and the convention center before the event started.

12:29Sharing my thoughts and feelings on the first day of the convention.