My Day as an Assistant | Hilarious and Chaotic!

TLDRFollow me as I attempt to be an assistant for the day. From picking up dog poop to returning clothes, it's a wild ride!

Key insights

Being an assistant is harder than it looks

Forgetting tasks and making mistakes is part of the job

Dealing with demanding bosses can be challenging

Finding parking can be a nightmare

Returning clothes can take hours


Did you enjoy being an assistant?

It was a chaotic and humorous experience, but I realized it's not the job for me!

Did you complete all the tasks?

I tried my best, but I made some mistakes along the way. It was a learning experience!

Did you get paid for your work?

Unfortunately, I didn't get paid for my day as an assistant. It was all for fun!

What was the most challenging part?

Finding parking and dealing with demanding bosses were the most challenging aspects of the job.

Would you recommend being an assistant?

Being an assistant can be a rewarding experience, but it's not for everyone. It requires patience and multitasking skills.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to my day as an assistant

03:37Picking up dog poop and taking the dog for a run

07:01Returning clothes for a video

08:54Running errands and struggling to find parking

12:10Getting locked out and dealing with demanding bosses

14:05Taking care of Tyler and forgetting about him

14:41Ordering new trash cans and getting coconut LaCroix

15:35Conclusion and decision to give up being an assistant