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Mastering Hair Selection and Background Match in Photoshop: New Feature and Techniques

TLDRLearn how to master hair selection and match your subject with colorful backdrops in Photoshop. Discover a new button that improves hair selection and explore techniques to achieve a seamless background match. Enhance your Photoshop skills and create stunning images.

Key insights

💇Use the new select subject feature in Photoshop for better and faster hair selections.

🎨Choose the right color backdrop for your subject to create a more realistic and visually appealing image.

👀Experiment with the color-aware and object-aware refine modes to fine-tune your hair selections and masks.

✂️Utilize the refine edge tool to fix discrepancies and improve the quality of your hair selections.

🖌️Blend your subject with the background using blend modes and masks to achieve a seamless match.


What is the new feature in Photoshop for hair selection?

The new feature in Photoshop is the select subject button, which allows for better and faster hair selections.

How do I choose the right color backdrop for my subject?

Consider the colors in your subject's hair and choose a backdrop that complements or contrasts with those colors for an impactful effect.

What are color-aware and object-aware refine modes?

Color-aware and object-aware refine modes are options within the select and mask feature in Photoshop that help you fine-tune hair selections and masks based on color differences and object boundaries.

How can I improve the quality of my hair selections?

Use the refine edge tool to fix discrepancies and ensure a smoother and more accurate hair mask.

How do I blend my subject with the background?

Use blend modes and masks to blend your subject with the background, adjusting opacity and refining the mask as needed.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction and importance of making the choice of happiness.

00:34Overview of the new feature and bonus on colorful backdrops.

01:04Start by creating a duplicate layer and renaming it to 'subject'.

01:33Two approaches to selecting the subject using the object selection tool or select subject button.

02:26Using color-aware and object-aware refine modes to improve hair selections.

06:14Matching the subject with colorful backdrops using blend modes and refine edge tool.

09:57Addressing the issue of details peeking through and using a blurred copy to create an ambient color.

10:27Final adjustments and conclusion, thanking viewers and Patreon supporters.