This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Animated Custom Hamburger Icon in Navbar in bootstrap 5 (with a gradient)" by A Designer Who Codes

Master the Nav Bar: Taking Your Responsive Design to the Next Level

TLDRLearn how to transform the navbar in responsive design into an animated x shape and enhance your website's design.

Key insights

🔑By adding custom CSS, you can transform the responsive navbar into an animated x shape.

💡Using flex and justify-content, you can create a centered column of icons for the toggle button.

What is the purpose of the flex property in this tutorial?

🌟Changing the margin and transform properties can create the x shape when the navbar is collapsed.

🎯The transition property allows for a smooth animation when the navbar is clicked.


How can I animate the responsive navbar?

You can use custom CSS to animate the navbar by adding transition and transform properties.

What does the flex property do?

The flex property allows for flexible layout options, such as centering the toggle button icons.

Can I customize the appearance of the x shape?

Yes, you can modify the width, height, and color of the bars to create a unique design.

Does this tutorial work with Bootstrap?

Yes, the tutorial uses a basic Bootstrap template and custom CSS to enhance the navbar design.

How do I make the navbar responsive?

By adding the appropriate media queries and breakpoints, you can ensure the navbar adapts to different screen sizes.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to transforming the navbar in responsive design.

02:00Adding custom CSS to create a column of icons for the toggle button.

04:30Adjusting the navbar styles to make it animate and change into an x shape.

06:00Explaining how the flex property and justify-content work together for the toggler icon design.

08:00Demonstrating the final appearance of the animated x shape when the navbar is collapsed.