Letting the Person in Front of Us Choose What We Eat! (Challenge)

TLDRIn this challenge, we let the person in front of us decide our meals for the whole day. We split into teams and visit five fast food locations to complete our meals. The first team to finish all five meals and reach the finish line wins. The twist is that we have to spin a wheel at each location, which might slow us down. Can we handle the surprise orders and win the insane prize?

Key insights

🍟We start the challenge with McDonald's, known for its delicious fries.

🍔We move on to In-N-Out, where we face the challenge of eating animal fries.

🍦At Chick-fil-A, we enjoy their famous chicken sandwiches and ice cream.

☕️Starbucks provides us with some much-needed caffeine and cake pops.

🍗Finally, at KFC, we face the ultimate challenge of eating more chicken.


What happens if a team can't finish a meal?

If a team fails to complete a meal, they forfeit the challenge.

What are the possible outcomes when spinning the wheel?

The wheel can slow us down, but there are two rare slots that allow us to skip a location.

Who was carrying the team throughout the challenge?

One team member was especially strong and carried the team to victory.

How did the surprise orders affect the challenge?

The surprise orders added an exciting and unpredictable element to the challenge.

Who won the challenge and what was the insane prize?

Watch the video to find out who won and what the insane prize was!

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the challenge and team formation.

01:00Starting the challenge at McDonald's and facing the first surprise order.

10:00Arriving at In-N-Out and struggling to finish the animal fries.

18:30Continuing the challenge at Chick-fil-A and enjoying their famous chicken sandwiches and ice cream.

30:45Visiting Starbucks for a much-needed caffeine boost and tasting their cake pops.

40:15Heading to KFC for the final challenge of eating more chicken.

50:00Final moments of the challenge and the announcement of the winner.