This article is a summary of a YouTube video "LAST TO LEAVE THE BOX FT AMP" by Beta Squad

Last Person to Leave the Box Wins $10,000 | Beta Squad Challenge

TLDRIn this Beta Squad challenge, the boys compete to be the last person to leave a sealed box and win $10,000. The box presents various challenges designed to force them out, including ice flinging, slushie drinking, general knowledge questions, and more. Davis and AJ are the final two in the box, fighting for the prize. Who will emerge victorious?

Key insights

📦The challenge is for participants to stay inside a sealed box and be the last person to leave.

💰The winner of the challenge will receive a cash prize of $10,000.

❄️One of the challenges involves ice flinging, adding discomfort to the participants.

🍧The contestants must drink slushies in freezing cold conditions, with the slowest drinker being eliminated.

📚A general knowledge round tests the participants' knowledge with questions about surnames, rivers, YouTube videos, and more.


What is the prize for winning the challenge?

The prize for winning the challenge is $10,000.

What are some of the challenges in the box?

Some of the challenges in the box include ice flinging, drinking slushies in freezing cold conditions, and answering general knowledge questions.

Who are the final two contestants in the box?

The final two contestants in the box are Davis and AJ.

Is there a time limit for the challenge?

There is no specific time limit mentioned in the video.

What happens to the eliminated contestants?

The eliminated contestants have to leave the box and are no longer eligible to win the prize.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the challenge: Last person to leave the sealed box wins $10,000.

00:30Participants enter the box and face various challenges.

06:40Contestants are seen having fun and bonding inside the box.

13:45Elimination round: The slowest slushie drinker is eliminated from the challenge.

18:50General knowledge round: Contestants answer questions to avoid elimination.

22:23Physical challenge between Davis and AJ to determine the winner.

25:07AJ emerges as the winner and claims the $10,000 prize.