Kendrick Lamar Takes Shots at Drake in New Diss Track | 616 in LA Review

TLDRKendrick Lamar drops a new diss track titled '616 in LA,' taking aim at Drake and delivering hard-hitting lyrics. He accuses Drake of being a bully and questions his authenticity. The track is filled with direct references to their ongoing beef, fueling anticipation for Drake's response.

Key insights

😡Kendrick Lamar directly targets Drake in '616 in LA,' releasing pent-up frustration and questioning Drake's character.

🔥The diss track showcases Kendrick's lyrical prowess and ability to deliver hard-hitting verses.

💣Kendrick accuses Drake of being a bully and suggests that his entourage is turning against him.

🕵️Kendrick hints at insidious behind-the-scenes actions by Drake's team, sparking curiosity about the truth behind the scenes.

🎵Despite being a diss track, '616 in LA' showcases Kendrick's musical talent, with a well-produced beat and catchy hook.


What is '616 in LA' about?

'616 in LA' is a diss track by Kendrick Lamar directed at Drake, in which Kendrick accuses Drake of being a bully and questions his authenticity.

What are the key references in the lyrics?

The lyrics include references to Drake's entourage, insinuating internal conflict within his team, and mentions of Twitter and OVO, hinting at deeper issues behind the scenes.

Is there any response from Drake yet?

As of now, there hasn't been a response from Drake. Fans are eagerly awaiting his reaction to Kendrick's diss track.

Why did Kendrick drop the diss track?

Kendrick dropped the diss track as a direct response to Drake's recent songs and ongoing beef. He took the opportunity to express his frustrations and call out Drake.

How does '616 in LA' compare to Kendrick's previous diss tracks?

'616 in LA' follows the same intense and direct style as Kendrick's previous diss tracks, showcasing his talent for delivering hard-hitting lyrics.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Kendrick Lamar releases a new diss track titled '616 in LA,' taking shots at Drake.

02:00The track starts with a powerful beat, setting the tone for the confrontational lyrics.

05:39Kendrick accuses Drake of being a bully and questions his authenticity.

06:22He hints at internal conflicts within Drake's entourage and suggests hidden actions by his team.

10:21The track concludes with intense lyrics and a catchy hook, leaving listeners anticipating Drake's response.