Junkyard Digs: Road Trip Adventure with a 1982 El Camino

TLDRJoin Angus on a road trip adventure with his newly acquired 1982 El Camino. Despite some cosmetic flaws and rusted floors, Angus is determined to make the most out of this classic car.

Key insights

🚗Angus traded his dodge d200 for a 1982 El Camino

🛣️Angus embarks on a road trip from the twin cities to his hometown and back

🔧The El Camino is in decent shape but needs some work

💨Angus plans to make some modifications to the car's engine

🔩The car has rusted floors but Angus is determined to fix them


Is the El Camino currently running?

Yes, the car runs and drives, but it needs some adjustments and repairs

What are Angus's plans for the car?

Angus plans to make modifications to the engine and fix the rusted floors

How was the trade between the dodge d200 and the El Camino?

It is yet to be determined if the trade was fair, but Angus is optimistic about the El Camino

What is the condition of the interior?

The interior is in decent shape with a few missing pieces, but overall, it's in good condition

What are the key features of the El Camino?

Some key features include aftermarket gauge clusters, a functional glove box, and a title

Timestamped Summary

00:23Angus introduces the 1982 El Camino and his plans for a road trip adventure

01:40Angus gives an overview of the exterior condition of the car, including the headlights and body

02:56Angus explores the interior of the car and showcases its features, such as the intact seats and missing radio

04:00Kevin explains the difference between single plane and dual plane intakes for car engines

10:24Angus attempts to start the car, but encounters some issues with the manual choke and dash

12:14Angus discovers rusted floors underneath the car but remains determined to fix them