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Inside the World of Automotive YouTube: The Shop Tour

TLDRJoin us for a tour of our unique automotive shop, where we tackle projects in less-than-ideal conditions. Discover the challenges we face, the projects we're working on, and our plans for the future.

Key insights

Our shop is located in a cold climate, which limits our ability to work on cars for several months of the year.

We have a unique system for heating the shop using a dryer, but it requires regular maintenance and cleaning.

We salvage batteries from old cars to use in our shop, but they have a high failure rate.

We have a growing 'Wall of Shame' where we display parts and projects that didn't go as planned.

We are currently working on an LS swap for one of our Z3s, with plans to upgrade the engine components.


Do you have any plans to improve the heating in your shop?

Yes, we are considering installing a more efficient heating system to improve working conditions in the winter.

What do you do with the batteries that don't work?

We keep them in case we need a temporary battery, but we are also exploring options for recycling them.

What inspired you to create the 'Wall of Shame'?

The 'Wall of Shame' serves as a reminder of the challenges and mistakes we've encountered, and it helps us learn from them.

Why did you choose to do an LS swap on the Z3?

The LS engine offers better performance and reliability, making it a popular choice for engine swaps.

What are your future plans for the shop?

We plan to continue working on exciting projects and improving our working conditions to enhance productivity.

Timestamped Summary

00:00In this video, we provide a tour of our unique automotive shop.

06:00We discuss the challenges we face due to the cold climate and limited working conditions.

08:30We show our collection of salvaged batteries and explain how we use them in the shop.

10:00We introduce the 'Wall of Shame' where we display parts and projects that didn't go as planned.

11:30We reveal our current project, an LS swap for one of our Z3s, and discuss our future plans.