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Inside the Luxurious Explorer Yacht CDM RJ 115 [Full Tour]

TLDRTake a full tour of the stunning explorer yacht CDM RJ 115, featuring a beautiful interior design, flexible cockpit, spacious sun deck, and innovative features. The yacht offers luxury, practicality, and a blank canvas for customization.

Key insights

🚤The CDM RJ 115 is a luxurious explorer yacht with a stunning interior design and practical features.

🌞The yacht's sun deck offers a flexible space with a hot tub and comfortable lounges.

👀The yacht features innovative design elements, such as a hidden tender crane and collapsible furniture in the cockpit.

🌊The yacht has a spacious bow area with removable furniture, perfect for entertaining or storing the crew tender.

🛳️The CDM RJ 115 is a well-designed and practical yacht for exploration and luxury cruising.


Does the yacht have a dining area on the sun deck?

The sun deck of the CDM RJ 115 can be customized with a dining table and chairs, offering a perfect spot for alfresco dining.

Is the cockpit furniture fixed or movable?

The cockpit of the yacht features loose furniture, allowing for flexibility and customization. The furniture can be easily moved or rearranged according to preferences.

What are the unique design features of the CDM RJ 115?

The yacht boasts innovative design elements, such as a hidden tender crane integrated into the sun deck and collapsible furniture in the cockpit, providing maximum versatility.

Can the bow area be used for storing the crew tender?

Yes, the bow area of the yacht is designed to accommodate the crew tender when it is not in use. It allows for easy storage and keeps the deck space clean and open.

What is the overall impression of the CDM RJ 115?

The CDM RJ 115 is a luxurious and practical explorer yacht with a beautiful interior design, spacious decks, and innovative features. It offers an ideal combination of comfort and flexibility for cruising and exploration.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction and exterior overview of the CDM RJ 115 explorer yacht.

05:40Exploration of the sun deck with a hot tub and flexible furniture.

09:50Tour of the foredeck with removable furniture and storage spaces.

10:49Walkthrough of the fall deck with anchor chain lockers and storage areas.

11:03Introduction to the pilot house and its features.