This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Inside a Flexible PCB Factory - in China" by Strange Parts

Inside a Flexible Circuit Board Factory: From Start to Finish

TLDRLearn how flexible circuit boards are made in this comprehensive tour of a circuit board factory in China. From cutting and drilling to plating and lamination, see the step-by-step process that goes into creating these intricate boards.

Key insights

🔧Flexible circuit boards are made by layering thin pieces of copper foil and polyimide plastic, which are then drilled, plated, and laminated together.

⚙️Precision machines and computer control are used to ensure the accuracy of drilling and plating processes.

🔬A clean room environment is maintained during the lamination process to ensure the quality of the coverlay material.

🔥A laser cutting machine is used to cut the coverlay material with high precision and automation.

💼Skilled workers manually align and tack down the coverlay material, ensuring proper adhesion and connection.


What are flexible circuit boards used for?

Flexible circuit boards are used in a wide range of electronic devices, from wireless chargers to cell phones.

What materials are used to make flexible circuit boards?

Flexible circuit boards are made by layering thin copper foil and polyimide plastic, along with coverlay and adhesive materials.

How are the holes drilled in flexible circuit boards?

Computer-controlled drills are used to drill precise holes in the circuit boards. The drilling process is highly automated and monitored.

What is the purpose of gold plating on circuit boards?

Gold plating is used to prevent oxidation and corrosion on copper pads, as well as to improve solder flow during assembly.

Are flexible circuit boards difficult to manufacture?

Flexible circuit boards require precision and attention to detail, but with the right equipment and skilled workers, they can be manufactured efficiently.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the circuit board factory and the process of making flexible circuit boards.

00:30Explanation of the structure of flexible circuit boards and the different layers involved.

01:15Description of the cutting and drilling processes for creating the circuit board panels.

04:15Insight into the plating process and how copper is plated onto the drilled holes.

07:11Explanation of the photo-sensitive resist application and exposure process.

09:56Overview of the etching and stripping process to remove unwanted copper.

12:00Demonstration of the laser cutting machine for the coverlay material.

13:39Overview of the lamination process for attaching the coverlay to the circuit boards.

14:31Explanation of the gold plating process and its benefits for soldering.