Indie Nap Town - Behind the Scenes with Jamie and Grace

TLDRIn this video, Jamie and Grace share insights on their careers, favorite scenes, and behind-the-scenes moments. They discuss the importance of resilience, working with a team, and staying true to oneself. They also answer fan questions and talk about their favorite props and snacks on set.

Key insights

🎬The importance of resilience and remaining true to oneself is a recurring theme in their careers.

👥Working with a talented cast and crew is a crucial part of creating a successful show.

🎭They discuss the challenges and joys of playing established characters and bringing them to life.

📺Jamie and Grace talk about their favorite scenes to film and memorable behind-the-scenes moments.

🍿They share their love for snacks on set and the importance of enjoying the experience.


How do Jamie and Grace balance the input from veteran actors and staying true to themselves?

Jamie and Grace believe in a collaborative approach and value the input and advice from more experienced actors. However, they also trust their own instincts and work closely with the director to ensure that they portray their characters authentically.

What lessons can we learn from the young characters in Stranger Things?

The resilience and determination of the young characters in Stranger Things inspire real-world individuals to overcome challenges and stay true to themselves.

Did Jamie and Grace take any props from the set of Stranger Things?

Jamie took one of the hand props from the set, while Grace took a piece of jewelry.

Did Jamie and Grace have any pre-audition routines?

Jamie mentioned that he doesn't have any specific rituals, but he emphasized the importance of preparation. Grace shared that she cried before a recent audition and got the part.

Do Jamie and Grace have any favorite behind-the-scenes moments?

Jamie mentioned a favorite moment when Marty Blair, who played young Eleven, delivered a powerful scene with the guidance of Millie Bobby Brown. Grace didn't share a specific moment, but expressed her appreciation for the teamwork on set.

Timestamped Summary

00:36Jamie and Grace talk about their experience in Indie Nap Town and how they were warmly welcomed by the people there.

01:05They share their thoughts on their careers and reflect on the journey that led them to where they are today. They discuss the importance of remaining true to oneself and the joy of doing what they love.

03:00Jamie and Grace answer audience questions, ranging from their favorite scenes to pre-audition routines and behind-the-scenes moments. They also talk about the lessons we can learn from the young characters in Stranger Things.

05:28They share their favorite props from the set of Stranger Things and the snacks they enjoyed on set. They express gratitude for the opportunity to work with a talented cast and crew.