Incredible Journey: Flying on Air Koryo and Exploring North Korea

TLDRExperience the unique opportunity to fly on vintage Soviet airplanes with Air Koryo while exploring the beautiful country of North Korea. Despite the outdated appearance, Air Koryo provides a memorable flying experience. This comprehensive summary provides insights into the airline, including key features, tour experiences, and the air show held in North Korea.

Key insights

✈️Air Koryo offers the rare opportunity to fly on vintage Soviet airplanes that are almost extinct.

🏢Traveling to North Korea allows you to explore a country that feels like traveling back in time.

🎟️To enter North Korea, you must join an organized aviation tour and obtain a tourist card.

🔒Tourists must be accompanied by tour guides at all times and follow a fixed itinerary.

🍜Food in North Korea is simple and can range from average to bad, with caution thrown towards seafood.


Can you fly directly to North Korea?

No, the only way to enter North Korea is from China or Russia by plane or train.

How can I book a flight with Air Koryo?

Air Koryo does not sell tickets online. You must join an organized tour to obtain air tickets and a tourist card.

Can you explore North Korea freely?

No, you must be accompanied by tour guides at all times and follow a fixed itinerary.

What is the food like in North Korea?

The food in North Korea is simple, and caution is advised when consuming seafood due to food poisoning risks.

Are the vintage Soviet airplanes still flying?

It is unclear if the Soviet airplanes are currently active. Air Koryo might keep them periodically flying for a few hours to maintain airworthiness.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the experience of flying on Air Koryo and exploring North Korea.

02:02Details about booking a flight with Air Koryo and the process of obtaining a tourist card.

05:46Flight experience on Air Koryo, including in-flight meals and service.

10:20Exploration of Mount PTO and the cable car ride with its power shortage.

13:36Participating in the Wongan Air Show and the unique opportunity to mingle with locals.

16:53Impressions of the North Korean Air Force's performance during the air show.

17:17Observations about the North Korean lifestyle, food, and accommodation during the tour.

17:54Final thoughts on the resilience of the North Korean people and Air Koryo's future.