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How to Set Up Your Cold Card Device: PIN and Seed Phrase

TLDRThis video demonstrates how to set up your new Cold Card device by setting a PIN and obtaining your seed phrase words. The device is air-gapped, meaning it does not need to be directly connected to a computer for use. The PIN provides additional security, and the seed phrase is essential for backing up your Bitcoin key.

Key insights

🔒The Cold Card device is designed to be air-gapped, ensuring maximum security for your Bitcoin key.

💡The PIN code for the Cold Card device is specific to the device and provides additional physical security.

📝The seed phrase words are the ultimate backup for your Bitcoin key and should be kept physically secure.

🔢The Cold Card PIN is entered in two parts, providing an extra layer of security.

📱The Cold Card device can be powered by a simple wall outlet instead of being directly connected to a computer.


What is the purpose of the Cold Card device?

The Cold Card device is a hardware wallet designed to securely store your Bitcoin key and enable safe transactions.

Why is the Cold Card device air-gapped?

The air-gapped design ensures that the device is not directly connected to the internet or any potentially vulnerable networks, minimizing the risk of hacking or unauthorized access.

How does the Cold Card PIN work?

The Cold Card PIN is entered in two parts, with the first part serving as a prefix and the second part being the rest of the PIN. This provides an additional layer of security.

What are seed phrase words?

Seed phrase words are a set of words that act as the ultimate backup for your Bitcoin key. They should be kept physically secure and are essential for recovering your Bitcoin assets.

Can the Cold Card device be connected to a computer?

Although the Cold Card device is designed to be air-gapped, the new MK4 version can be connected to a computer. However, it is not necessary for regular use and can be powered by a wall outlet.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to setting up the Cold Card device.

00:18Take the device out of the package and examine the contents.

01:08Power up the Cold Card device using a wall outlet.

01:38Verify the serial number on the device matches the one on the package.

02:49Set your Cold Card PIN, following the instructions on the screen.

04:09Choose your seed phrase words and make sure to write them down correctly.

06:01Review the seed phrase words for accuracy and complete a quiz to ensure correct recording.

06:59Final steps to complete the setup and readiness to use the Cold Card as a Bitcoin key.