How to Make Bubbles: A Fun and Easy Tutorial

TLDRLearn how to make bubbles in just a few simple steps. This fun and easy tutorial will show you the secrets to creating beautiful and long-lasting bubbles.

Key insights

🔮Bubbles are not only entertaining, but they also have a calming effect and can help reduce anxiety.

🧪The ingredients for bubble solution can vary, but a simple recipe consists of water, dish soap, and glycerin.

🌈Experiment with different types of bubble wands to create unique bubble shapes and sizes.

💡Adding a small amount of sugar to the bubble solution can help make the bubbles stronger and more long-lasting.

On a windy day, bubbles will fly higher and last longer, providing a more enjoyable experience.


What is the best soap to use for making bubbles?

Dish soap is commonly used for making bubbles due to its ability to create a stable bubble solution.

Can I make bubbles without glycerin?

Yes, you can still make bubbles without glycerin, but glycerin helps to make the bubbles stronger and more durable.

How long do bubbles usually last?

The duration of bubbles depends on various factors such as wind speed, humidity, and bubble solution formula. On average, bubbles can last from a few seconds to a few minutes.

What can I use as a bubble wand?

You can use everyday items such as straws, pipe cleaners, or even your hands to create bubble wands.

Can I make giant bubbles?

Yes, with the right bubble solution and a large wand, you can create giant bubbles that will amaze everyone!

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction: HYEIN introduces herself and shares that she will be teaching how to make bubbles.

00:30HEART PUMPING: HYEIN shares the excitement of making bubbles and how it can be a fun activity.

01:00PREPARING: HYEIN explains that she is excited to meet the viewers and prepares to demonstrate bubble-making.

02:00SECRET INGREDIENTS: HYEIN reveals the ingredients for bubble solution and their importance.

03:00BUBBLE WANDS: HYEIN showcases different types of bubble wands and explains how they can create unique bubble shapes.

04:00SUGAR MAGIC: HYEIN shares the tip of adding sugar to the bubble solution to make the bubbles stronger.

05:00WINDY DAY FUN: HYEIN highlights the effect of wind on bubbles, making them fly higher and last longer.

06:00CONCLUSION: HYEIN wraps up the tutorial and encourages viewers to experiment with bubble-making.