How to Increase Movement Speed in Fallout 4

TLDRLearn how to maximize your character's movement speed in Fallout 4 by equipping specific gear.

Key insights

🏃‍♂️Equipping Oswalt's Hat grants +10% movement speed.

🏋️‍♂️Obtain the Destroyer's Right and Left Legs from Good Neighbor and Vault 81 for an additional 20% speed.

🛡️Acquire the Recon Marine Right Arm from the Nucleus for another 10% movement speed.


What gear should I equip to increase my movement speed in Fallout 4?

You should equip Oswalt's Hat, the Destroyer's Right and Left Legs, and the Recon Marine Right Arm.

How much movement speed can I gain with this gear?

By equipping all the recommended gear, you can increase your movement speed by up to 140%.

Where can I find Oswalt's Hat?

You can find Oswalt's Hat in NCA World.

Where are the Destroyer's Right and Left Legs located?

The Destroyer's Right Leg can be found in Good Neighbor, and the Destroyer's Left Leg is located in Vault 81.

How can I obtain the Recon Marine Right Arm?

You can acquire the Recon Marine Right Arm from the Nucleus.

Timestamped Summary

00:04Visit NCA World to obtain Oswalt's Hat, which grants +10% movement speed.

00:06Travel to Good Neighbor to find the Destroyer's Right Leg for an extra 20% speed.

00:08Head to Vault 81 to acquire the Destroyer's Left Leg for another 20% movement speed.

00:10Obtain the Recon Marine Right Arm from the Nucleus to gain an additional 10% movement speed.

00:23With all the recommended gear equipped, your movement speed will increase up to 140%.

00:26Although you may look a little silly, you'll be able to outrun almost anything.