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How to Get Access to Dealer Invoice Pricing and Understanding Dealer Invoices

TLDRLearn how to access dealer invoice pricing and understand dealer invoices for car purchases. Discover the key insights and FAQs related to dealer invoice pricing.

Key insights

🔍Dealer invoice pricing allows consumers to negotiate a fair deal on a car purchase.

💰Incentives and discounts can be applied to the dealer invoice price to lower the final price.

📄Dealer invoices include the MSRP, wholesale price, and other costs like holdbacks and advertising fees.

💡Websites like Edmonds and TrueCar provide estimated dealer invoice prices for transparency.

🚗Ordering guides can help customers understand the cost of each option on a car and negotiate a better deal.


How can I access dealer invoice pricing?

You can access dealer invoice pricing through websites like Edmonds and TrueCar, which provide estimated invoice prices.

What is included in a dealer invoice?

A dealer invoice includes the MSRP, dealer's wholesale price, and other costs like holdbacks and advertising fees.

How can I negotiate a better deal using the dealer invoice?

Understanding the dealer invoice helps you determine a fair offer and negotiate discounts or incentives off the invoice price.

What are holdbacks and advertising fees on a dealer invoice?

Holdbacks are bonuses dealers receive from manufacturers, and advertising fees contribute to regional/local marketing efforts.

How can ordering guides help with negotiating a car deal?

Ordering guides show the cost of each option, allowing you to build the car and negotiate a better deal based on the wholesale pricing.

Timestamped Summary

01:31Accessing dealer invoice pricing makes car buying more transparent and helps negotiate fair deals.

06:56Dealer invoices include MSRP, wholesale price, holdbacks, and advertising fees.

11:39Dealerships may be willing to lower prices by applying incentives and discounts to the invoice price.