Helping a Friend Become a Pro in Blocks Fruits!

TLDRJoin me as I help my friend, Tap Water, level up and become a pro in Blocks Fruits. We start at the beginner level and work our way up, defeating bandits and even a boss. Along the way, I share tips and tricks to help him improve his skills. Don't miss the epic battles and hilarious moments!

Key insights

🎯Starting at the beginner level and guiding a friend to become a pro in Blocks Fruits.

💪Defeating bandits and leveling up to become stronger in the game.

🐒Encountering gorillas and monkeys in the jungle map and learning strategies to defeat them.

🎮Using special abilities and skills to overcome challenges and progress in the game.

💰Earning rewards and Robux currency through quests and defeating enemies.


What is Blocks Fruits?

Blocks Fruits is an online game where players explore different maps, defeat enemies, level up, and unlock new abilities.

How do you level up in Blocks Fruits?

To level up, players need to defeat enemies, complete quests, and earn experience points (XP).

Are there different maps in Blocks Fruits?

Yes, Blocks Fruits has various maps, including a jungle map where players can encounter monkeys and gorillas.

What are special abilities in Blocks Fruits?

Special abilities are unique powers that players can use in the game to deal more damage or gain an advantage in battles.

Can you earn rewards in Blocks Fruits?

Yes, players can earn rewards such as in-game currency (Robux) and items by completing quests and defeating bosses or enemies.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introducing Tap Water and our goal to help him become a pro in Blocks Fruits.

01:00Starting at the beginner level and explaining the game mechanics.

05:00Guiding Tap Water to defeat bandits and level up.

10:30Exploring the jungle map and encountering monkeys and gorillas.

15:45Sharing tips and strategies to defeat the gorilla boss.

20:00Unlocking special abilities and demonstrating their power.

25:00Earning rewards and discussing the importance of leveling up.

30:00Reflecting on Tap Water's progress and future goals in the game.