Heart-Pounding Haunted House Challenge: Will They Survive?

TLDRA group of friends undergo a heart rate monitored haunted house challenge. If their heart rate exceeds 130 beats per minute, they lose a life. The last person standing wins a mystery prize.

Key insights

😱Heart rate increases when faced with fear and anxiety.

🙀Haunted houses, particularly chainsaws, can trigger increased heart rates.

🩸Heart rates exceeding 130 beats per minute result in losing a life in the challenge.

🔪Scariest moments in the haunted house were moments of elevated heart rates.

🎁The winner of the challenge receives a mystery prize.


How does fear affect heart rate?

Fear and anxiety can cause the heart rate to spike.

What happens if the heart rate goes over 130 beats per minute?

In the challenge, exceeding 130 beats per minute results in losing a life.

Who won the challenge?

Caitlyn was the last person standing and won the challenge.

What was the mystery prize?

The mystery prize was a Jolly Rancher.

What were the scariest moments in the haunted house?

The scariest moments that caused elevated heart rates were encounters with chainsaws and clowns.

Timestamped Summary

00:00The video introduces the challenge of going through a haunted house with heart rate monitors.

00:30The participants get their heart rate checked before entering the haunted house.

01:30The first scare in the haunted house causes one participant's heart rate to exceed 130 beats per minute, resulting in the loss of a life.

05:00Another participant loses a life when their heart rate goes over the limit.

10:00The remaining participants navigate through various scare rooms, with their heart rates constantly monitored.

12:00The challenge reaches its climax as the participants face intense scares, but Caitlyn emerges as the last person standing and wins the mystery prize.

13:00The video ends with the participants reflecting on their heart-pounding experience.