Fun and Easy Scrap Fabric Art: Creating Quilt Blocks

TLDRLearn how to create quilt blocks using scrap fabric in a fun and easy way. Sew together smaller pieces to create larger blocks, and then combine them to make a beautiful quilt. Tips include filling up bobbins, having plenty of thread, and keeping your iron and scissors within reach.

Key insights

🧵Sewing and crafting should be fun and enjoyable, even when using scrap fabric.

🔢By combining smaller fabric pieces, you can create larger blocks for your quilt.

🧩Chain piecing your scraps together saves time and makes the process more efficient.

🔷Pressing your fabric pieces as you go helps create crisp and neat blocks.

🎨Get creative with sashing and borders to create a unique and personalized quilt.


How long does it take to create these quilt blocks?

It took me about 10 to 12 hours to create 20 blocks, but the time may vary depending on the size and complexity of your project.

What should I do with the scrap fabric blocks?

You can sash them and add a border to create a quilt, or you can use them for other fabric art projects like tote bags or pillows.

Do I need any special sewing skills to create these blocks?

Basic sewing skills are sufficient to create these quilt blocks. The process mainly involves sewing smaller fabric pieces together and pressing them.

How do I ensure accuracy in the size of the blocks?

Using a 12 and a half inch ruler to trim the blocks helps ensure that they are the desired size.

What tips do you have for working with scrap fabric?

Fill up your bobbins, have plenty of thread, keep your iron and scissors close by, and enjoy the process of using up your scraps in a creative way.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction and brief background of the creator.

00:22Starting with scrap fabric pieces of varying sizes, the process begins by sewing one piece to another.

01:17Chains of fabric pieces are created and cut apart, ready for pressing.

01:46The process of chain piecing and trimming off excess fabric is continued.

02:47Strips of fabric are sewn to small blocks to make them larger.

03:32The creation of blocks continues, with the stack getting smaller each time.

04:45Two smaller blocks are sewn together to make a bigger block, aiming for a 12 and a half inch square.

05:22Blocks are pressed and checked for the desired size.

06:10The creator expresses joy in making these blocks and plans to turn them into a quilt.

06:51Tips are shared, including filling up bobbins, having enough thread, and keeping tools handy.

07:09The creator shares that she has more scraps from a recent project and gives thanks to the viewers.