Exploring the Stunning Pluvise National Park in Croatia

TLDRJoin us as we explore the beautiful Pluvise National Park in Croatia, known for its waterfalls and lakes. Despite some flooding, we were able to hike through the lower section and enjoy its natural beauty. Get tips on visiting early to beat the crowds and the best spots for scenic views.

Key insights

🏞️Pluvise National Park is famous for its stunning waterfalls and lakes

🌿The park is the last area in Europe where bears and wolves can be found

🏞️Due to recent rain, some parts of the park, including the upper falls, were closed

🌍The park is split into two sections: the lower falls and the upper falls

Arriving early is recommended to avoid crowds and have a peaceful experience


What is the entrance fee for Pluvise National Park?

The entrance fee is 25 US dollars per person, which includes a boat ride and a shuttle ride.

Can you see bears and wolves in the park?

Yes, Pluvise National Park is one of the few areas in Europe where bears and wolves can still be found.

Are there hiking trails in the park?

Yes, there are hiking trails in both the lower falls and upper falls sections of the park.

What is the best time to visit the park?

The best time to visit is early in the morning to avoid crowds and have a peaceful experience.

What should I bring when visiting the park?

It is recommended to bring comfortable walking shoes, a jacket for cooler weather, and snacks/water for the hike.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to Pluvise National Park in Croatia

03:30Exploring the lower lakes area and the Bella Thai slap waterfall

08:45Walking back to Entrance 1 and seeing overlooks of the waterfalls

09:56Final thoughts on the peaceful and beautiful experience in the park