Creating an NFL Player to Break Tom Brady's Passing Record

TLDRIn this video, we attempt to create a player who can break Tom Brady's record for the most passing yards in a career. Despite our efforts, we fall short and lose in the conference championship game. However, our quarterback still has an impressive season, throwing for 4,700 yards and 46 touchdowns.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction and goal to break Tom Brady's passing record

02:08Creating a 99 overall quarterback named Doula Brady Jr

05:59Finishing the first season with a 12-5 record and analyzing stats

07:20Reaching the Super Bowl but ultimately losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers

09:14Starting the second season with an improved team and going 16-1

10:13Losing to the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs

11:06Losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in the conference championship game