Carmelo Hayes Challenges the WWE Champion on Friday Night SmackDown

TLDRCarmelo Hayes, in his debut on Friday Night SmackDown, boldly challenges the WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes. Despite Rhodes' experience and dominance, Hayes demonstrates incredible skill and resilience throughout the match, almost causing a major upset.

Key insights

🔥Carmelo Hayes fearlessly challenges the WWE Champion on his first night on Friday Night SmackDown.

💪Hayes showcases his confidence and skill as he goes head-to-head with Cody Rhodes.

🌟Carmelo Hayes proves himself to be a rising star in the WWE with his impressive performance.

😲Hayes comes close to defeating Rhodes, showcasing his potential to be a top contender.

The match with Cody Rhodes marks a significant milestone in Carmelo Hayes' career.


Who is Carmelo Hayes?

Carmelo Hayes is a talented professional wrestler who recently made his debut on Friday Night SmackDown.

Who is Cody Rhodes?

Cody Rhodes is a WWE Champion and one of the biggest stars in the industry.

Did Carmelo Hayes win the match against Cody Rhodes?

Although Hayes put up a remarkable fight, he ultimately lost to Rhodes in the match.

What was the highlight of the match?

The highlight of the match was when Hayes executed a stunning Cross Rhodes on Rhodes.

What does this match mean for Carmelo Hayes' future?

This match showcases Hayes' immense talent and potential, positioning him as a future top contender in the WWE.

Timestamped Summary

00:23Carmelo Hayes, with his confidence intact, challenges Cody Rhodes on his first night on Friday Night SmackDown.

01:14Hayes demonstrates his resilience and confidence, determined to prove himself against Rhodes.

02:46Despite Rhodes' dominance, Hayes impresses with his endurance and almost secures a victory.

04:31Rhodes starts to feel the frustration as Hayes continues to hold his own in the match.

05:40Both Hayes and Rhodes make aggressive moves, leading to a nail-biting conclusion.