Building Your First AVS: Incredible Squaring

TLDRLearn how to build your first AVS (Application Verification System) called Incredible Squaring. Get an overview of AVS components and the role of AVS developers, operators, and stakers. Follow the step-by-step process of submitting a number to be squared, verifying the response, and publishing the aggregated data. Get hands-on experience with Docker, Foundry, and Zap to run the demo on your machine. Explore the IG Layer documentation and participate in the Encode Club hackathon to build on top of IG Layer.

Key insights

💡IG Layer has three components: stakers, operators, and AVS developers.

AVS developers create AVSs, such as bridges or oracles, that require trust.

🔒Operators run AVSs and provide computational power.

🧩Stakers give economic security in the IG Layer ecosystem.

🛠️Incredible Squaring is a simple AVS that squares a given number.


What tools are required to run the demo?

You'll need Docker, Foundry, and Zap installed on your machine.

Where can I find more information about IG Layer?

Visit for comprehensive documentation.

Is there a hackathon related to IG Layer?

Yes, Encode Club is organizing a hackathon for building on top of IG Layer. Check for more details.

How can I get in touch with the speaker?

You can reach out to the speaker via Telegram, Twitter, or email. Contact details are provided in the video.

What is the purpose of the IG Layer Community hackathon?

The hackathon aims to encourage developers to build innovative applications on top of IG Layer and showcase the platform's capabilities.

Timestamped Summary

00:06Introduction and background information about the speaker.

00:18Overview of IG Layer components: stakers, operators, and AVS developers.

01:43Introduction to the demo application: Incredible Squaring.

02:02Step-by-step process of submitting a number to be squared.

08:27Explanation of the aggregator and operator roles.

12:41Details about the IG Layer contracts and logic.

15:11Upcoming features and resources for learning more about IG Layer.

18:19Announcement of the Encode Club hackathon for building on top of IG Layer.