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Building a Walnut Slab Table - From Rough Sawn to Finished

TLDRIn this video, we tackle the challenge of working with a walnut slab for the first time. From cleaning the rough sawn slab to designing the layout and completing the table, we share our process and tips along the way.

Key insights

🔨Working with a rough sawn slab is not much different from surface slabs, but requires more cleaning.

⚒️Layout planning is crucial for achieving the desired table design and making the most of the slab's features and imperfections.

🌀Choosing a layout frame helps visualize the table design, but sometimes simpler is better.

🛠️Working with thick slabs requires special cutting techniques, as typical saws may not reach all the way through.

🌊The Fathom Thick Set epoxy proved to be a reliable choice, allowing for quick curing and multiple pours.


Is it difficult to work with a walnut slab?

Working with a walnut slab is similar to other slabs, but rough sawn slabs may require more cleaning.

Why is layout planning important?

Layout planning ensures the desired table design and helps make the most of the slab's unique features and imperfections.

What tools are needed to work with thick slabs?

Thick slabs require tools that can cut through the entire thickness, as standard saws may not reach.

Why is the Fathom Thick Set epoxy recommended?

The Fathom Thick Set epoxy is reliable, allowing for quick curing and multiple pours.

What is the advantage of using tape for the mold?

Tape is sufficient for preventing sticking, reducing waste compared to other mold materials.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to working with a walnut slab and the challenges faced.

02:52Cleaning the rough sawn slab and preparing it for further steps.

06:10Choosing a layout frame to visualize the table design and exploring alternative options.

08:58Dealing with the challenges of working with thick slabs and finding alternative methods for cutting.

10:35Discussing the process of using epoxy, recommendations, and tips.

11:48Explaining the benefits of cutting large rectangles and providing a woodworking tip.