Building a Vex Robot for High Stakes Competition

TLDRIn this video, we build a Vex robot for the high stakes competition, focusing on the drivetrain and intake mechanisms. Join us as we showcase our progress and discuss the key features of our robot.

Key insights

🔧The drivetrain is equipped with a six-motor 360 RPM system and 3.25-inch wheels, providing a solid foundation for the robot.

🤖The intake mechanism features a roller that can easily grab and lift the 2-inch rings, bringing them to the next stage.

👉Flaps on the intake mechanism help center the rings, ensuring a smooth and precise lifting process.

🔄The MoGo Mech is responsible for gripping the mobile goals and holding them securely during the competition.

🏆This robot is built with the high stakes competition in mind, with a focus on functionality and efficiency.


What is the drivetrain specification?

The drivetrain features a six-motor 360 RPM system and 3.25-inch wheels.

How does the intake mechanism work?

The intake mechanism uses a roller to grab and lift the 2-inch rings, and flaps help center the rings for precise lifting.

What is the role of the MoGo Mech?

The MoGo Mech is responsible for gripping and securely holding the mobile goals during the competition.

What inspired the design of this robot?

The design of this robot is inspired by the high stakes competition and focuses on functionality and efficiency.

What are the key features of this robot?

The key features include a robust drivetrain, an effective intake mechanism, and a reliable MoGo Mech for gripping mobile goals.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction and overview of the robot-building project

02:46Detailing the drivetrain specifications and functionality

05:00Explaining the intake mechanism and its importance in the competition

08:20Discussing the role and features of the MoGo Mech

10:40Signing off and expressing confidence for the upcoming high stakes competition