This article is a summary of a YouTube video "Getting Started with Bubble - Build Your First App" by Bubble

Building a Project Management Platform: Getting Started Part 2

TLDRIn this video, we continue building a project management platform, focusing on user sign up, team creation, project and task management.

Key insights

👥Users can sign up and create teams in the project management platform.

🏗️The platform allows users to create projects and assign tasks.

💡A pre-designed template is provided to help users jumpstart their app development journey.

📲The platform is mobile-ready and uses responsive design principles.

🎨Bubble's component library makes it easy to create and customize page layouts.


Can I use my own design instead of the provided template?

Yes, you can follow along with your own blank app and customize the design as we progress.

Do I need coding experience to build the project management platform?

No, Bubble's visual development platform allows you to build apps without coding.

Can I create and manage multiple projects in the platform?

Yes, the platform supports creating and managing multiple projects, as well as assigning tasks to team members.

Is the platform compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, the platform is mobile-ready and uses responsive design principles to ensure a good user experience on different devices.

Can I customize the page layouts in the platform?

Yes, Bubble's component library makes it easy to create and customize page layouts to match your design preferences.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to Part 2 of building a project management platform.

01:00Overview of the three main parts of the course: setup, app pages, and test and deploy.

03:04Creating a landing page from scratch using Bubble's component library.

04:13Customizing the landing page by adjusting copy and images.

08:33Explaining the importance of nested groups in responsive design and organizing page elements.

09:01Adjusting the layout and alignment of images to create a visually appealing design.

10:16Setting up global styles and variables to customize the design across the entire app.

11:17Using Bubble's component library to quickly build and customize page layouts.