Building a Compiler for the Cool Language from Scratch | 25 Days of Coding Challenge

TLDRIn this video, I document my 25-day journey of building a compiler for the Cool language from scratch. I learn about data structures, algorithms, and gain a better understanding of how a compiler works.

Key insights

🔧Building a compiler from scratch is a rewarding learning experience.

🌱The Cool language is a good choice for a beginner's compiler project.

🧠I gained knowledge about data structures and tree-based algorithms during this project.

📜Understanding the lexer and tokenizer is crucial for parsing code tokens.

💡Implementing a parser helps in creating an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST).


Why did you choose the Cool language for your compiler project?

I chose the Cool language because it is simple and widely used in compiler courses.

How long did it take to build the compiler?

It took me 25 days to complete the project. Each stage, such as lexer, parser, and type checking, took about 3 days.

What did you learn during this project?

I learned about data structures, tree-based algorithms, lexer, tokenizer, parser, and type checking. I also gained valuable experience in building a complete project from scratch.

What challenges did you face while building the compiler?

Some of the challenges I faced were error handling, handling left recursion in math expressions, and understanding the nuances of the Cool language.

What is the purpose of type checking in a compiler?

Type checking ensures that the types of expressions are correct and helps catch errors early in the compilation process.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the 25-day challenge of building a compiler for the Cool language from scratch.

02:30Discussion about starting the project from scratch and the choice of the Cool language.

06:53Explanation of the lexer and tokenizer phase and its importance in code tokenization.

08:09Description of the parser phase and the creation of the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST).

11:59Insights and experiences during the type checking phase of the compiler project.