Building a 95 Rated Team with Color-Based Restrictions

TLDRI have 30 million coins to build a 95 rated team using players of specific shirt colors. Every time I don't reach the rating, I have to discard a player. Follow along as I go position by position and make tough decisions to create the ultimate team.

Key insights

🔍I use creative strategies to build a strong team within the color-based restrictions.

💸I showcase the high cost of the players and the risk of discarding if I don't reach the 95 rating.

I highlight the top-rated players I add to my team and their impact on the overall rating.

🔄I discuss the difficult decisions I have to make when choosing between players of different colors.

😅I express the nerves and pressure I feel as I try to reach the 95 rating to avoid discarding players.


What happens if you don't reach the 95 rating?

If I don't reach the 95 rating, I have to discard a random player from my team.

Why are you restricting your team to specific shirt colors?

I wanted to create a unique challenge and explore different player options based on their team colors.

How did you decide which players to add to your team?

I considered the player's rating, cost, and impact on the overall team rating.

How do you feel about the high cost of the players in your team?

I'm nervous about the cost, but I believe it's worth it to create a strong and unique team.

What strategies do you use to maximize your team's rating?

I prioritize adding high-rated players and carefully consider the color restrictions to make the best choices.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the challenge of building a 95 rated team with color-based restrictions.

02:26Deciding on the first player, a striker, based on the dark blue color.

04:14Selecting a right back from a specific team that plays in white.

06:47Choosing a goalkeeper based on the color yellow and exploring potential options.

09:19Adding center backs with different shirt colors and discussing their impact on the overall rating.

11:03Building the midfield with the challenge of finding a specific color for the central defensive midfielders.

13:54Adding a purple cam and discussing the rarity of players with that shirt color.

15:10Strategizing the final position, striker, and the options available based on the remaining colors.

17:41Revealing the final team rating and the success or failure in reaching the 95 rating.