Build an Entire Next.js Shop from Scratch

TLDRIn this video, we will be building a complete Next.js shop from scratch, including a functional frontend UI, an admin dashboard, and secure payment system. We will also cover important software development concepts and best practices. By the end of this video, you will have a fully functional Next.js shop ready for deployment.

Key insights

🔨Learn how to build a functional frontend UI for a shop using Next.js

💼Discover how to implement an admin dashboard for managing orders

💳Understand how to integrate a secure payment system into your shop

🌐Explore modern data fetching patterns using Next.js

Learn best practices and code conventions for writing great software


Do I need any prior experience to follow along with this video?

No, this video is suitable for beginners. We will cover all the necessary concepts and guide you through the process step by step.

What tools and technologies will be used in this video?

We will be using Next.js for the frontend, Stripe for the payment system, and an admin dashboard for managing orders. We will also cover concepts like data fetching and code conventions.

Can I apply the knowledge from this video to other projects?

Absolutely! The skills and concepts you will learn in this video are applicable to a wide range of web development projects, not just building a shop.

Is there any additional cost associated with following this tutorial?

There might be some costs associated with using certain services like Stripe for payments. However, we will also provide alternative options that are free to use.

Can I deploy the shop to a live server after following this tutorial?

Yes, by the end of this video, you will have a fully functional shop that can be deployed to a live server. We will cover the deployment process as well.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction: The video creator introduces themselves and provides an overview of the video content.

00:13Overview of the video: The creator highlights the three main things viewers will learn in this video: building a functional frontend UI, implementing an admin dashboard, and understanding software development concepts.

01:30Introduction to the project: The creator introduces the project, which is to build a custom phone case shop using Next.js.

03:15Styling the landing page: The creator demonstrates how to style the landing page of the shop, including animations and custom illustrations.

06:40Implementing the upload section: The creator shows how to implement the upload section where users can customize their phone case with their own image using drag and drop functionality.

08:58Implementing secure payments: The creator integrates Stripe for secure payment processing, allowing users to complete their purchase.

10:47Building the admin dashboard: The creator adds an admin dashboard to manage orders and track sales, including live order updates and fulfillment status.

13:20Conclusion: The creator summarizes the key learnings from the video and encourages viewers to follow along and ask questions if needed.