This article is a summary of a YouTube video "The Best Buy PS5 SCAM..." by Jacob R

Best Buy Scams: My Recent Experiences and Why they're Going Downhill

TLDRThis video highlights my recent experiences with Best Buy, where they essentially scammed me twice. I discuss their declining quality and the questionable practices they employ. Furthermore, I delve into their removal of physical movies from their stores and the discontinuation of the Rewards program. Best Buy is losing its charm and trustworthiness.

Key insights

🚫Best Buy's questionable practices and scams

💰Declining quality and customer service

🎮The issue of selling open box consoles with used games

🎁The removal of physical movies from Best Buy stores

💳Cancellation of the Rewards program and introduction of paid subscription service


Why did Best Buy ship an open copy of the game to you?

Best Buy claimed that open media, including video games, cannot be returned due to Federal copyright laws. However, I shipped back a sealed copy, highlighting the inconsistency in their response.

Are Best Buy's practices legal?

While I am not a legal expert, Best Buy's practices raise concerns about their ethical standards. The issue of questionable returns and the bait-and-switch tactics they employ are definitely worth questioning.

What is the impact of Best Buy discontinuing physical movies?

The discontinuation of physical movies by Best Buy takes away the option for consumers who prefer physical media. It also reduces the variety and convenience of purchasing movies in-store, forcing customers to rely on other platforms or online retailers.

Can I get a refund for an open copy of a game from Best Buy?

Based on my experience, Best Buy may have different policies regarding returns and refunds for open media items. It is best to reach out to their customer service directly for clarification and assistance.

Should I still trust and shop at Best Buy?

While my experiences with Best Buy have been negative, it is ultimately up to you to decide whether you trust and want to continue shopping there. It is important to be aware of their practices and make informed decisions as a consumer.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Introduction to the video and the need to discuss Best Buy's recent scams and declining quality.

01:23Discussion of the first scam, where Best Buy shipped games to me a week after the promised delivery date.

03:02Sharing the second scam, involving an open copy of Spider-Man 2 being sent to me instead of a sealed copy I returned.

05:58Highlighting Best Buy's decision to stop selling physical movies starting in 2024, which limits options for consumers who prefer physical media.

06:46Discussing the discontinuation of Best Buy's Rewards program, which used to offer benefits and gift cards to loyal customers.

08:14Conclusion and reflection on the overall decline of Best Buy, urging viewers to be cautious and mindful when dealing with the company.