Avoid These Mistakes When Visiting Vienna for the First Time

TLDRVienna is a beautiful and livable city, but tourists should avoid common mistakes like forgetting to carry cash, wearing uncomfortable shoes, visiting on Sundays, climbing the wrong tower at St. Stephen's Cathedral, buying bottled water, renting a car unnecessarily, and missing out on restaurant discounts.

Key insights

💰Carry cash when traveling in Vienna, as many places prefer cash over card payments.

👠Wear comfortable shoes when exploring Vienna, as the city center has uneven and slippery streets.

🗓️Be aware of Sundays in Vienna, as many shops and restaurants are closed.

🏰Choose the right tower to climb at St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, the North Tower offers a better view and has an elevator.

🚫Avoid buying bottled water in Vienna, as the tap water is safe to drink and of high quality.


Do I need to carry cash in Vienna?

Yes, many places in Vienna still prefer cash over card payments.

What kind of shoes should I wear in Vienna?

It's recommended to wear comfortable shoes with good grip to navigate the city's uneven and slippery streets.

Are shops and restaurants open on Sundays in Vienna?

Most shops and many restaurants are closed on Sundays in Vienna.

Which tower should I climb at St. Stephen's Cathedral?

It's recommended to climb the North Tower, which offers a better view and has an elevator for easier access.

Is the tap water in Vienna safe to drink?

Yes, Vienna has one of the best tap water quality in the world, and it's safe to drink.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Vienna is a highly livable and beautiful city in Europe.

00:53Tourists often forget to carry cash in Vienna, where cash is still preferred over card payments.

01:54Comfortable shoes with good grip are recommended when exploring Vienna's city center, which has uneven and slippery streets.

02:38Many shops and restaurants in Vienna are closed on Sundays, so plan accordingly.

03:30When visiting St. Stephen's Cathedral, choose the North Tower for a better view and use the elevator for easier access.

04:05Avoid buying bottled water in Vienna, as the tap water is safe and of high quality.

05:26Vienna has an excellent public transportation system, making renting a car unnecessary for exploring the city.

06:53Check for restaurant discounts on websites like The Fork to save money while dining in Vienna.