An Exciting Sephora Haul: Trying Every New Product

TLDRIn this video, I went on a shopping spree at Sephora, buying and reviewing every single new product that was recently released. I purchased the Summer Fridays lip oils, the Fenty concealer, the Huda Beauty peach pie powder, the Sol de Janeiro Body Spray, and more. Stay tuned for my honest reviews and insights on these products!

Key insights

💄I bought and reviewed the Summer Fridays lip oils in all the colors available.

🔍I tried and shared my thoughts on the Fenty concealer, providing shade recommendations.

🍑The Huda Beauty peach pie powder was one of the new releases I purchased and tested.

🌊I discovered and reviewed the new Sol de Janeiro Body Spray.

💯I bought and tried every new release in Sephora to provide honest and comprehensive reviews.


Which product did you find the most impressive?

The Fenty concealer was the most impressive product I tried, as it provided great coverage and a natural finish.

Were there any products that you regretted purchasing?

I regretted purchasing the melon-flavored lip oil from Summer Fridays, as I personally dislike the scent.

Did you find any of the products to be overhyped?

I found the Laura Mercier concealer to be slightly overhyped, as it didn't meet my high expectations in terms of coverage and longevity.

Which product would you recommend as a must-have?

I highly recommend trying the Huda Beauty peach pie powder, as it gives a beautiful, natural glow to the skin.

What was the overall shopping experience like at Sephora?

The shopping experience at Sephora was exciting and overwhelming, with so many new releases to explore and choose from.

Timestamped Summary

00:00I kicked off the video with an introduction and shared my excitement about the Sephora shopping spree.

03:00I showcased the products I purchased and gave a brief overview of each one.

10:00I tried on the Summer Fridays lip oils and shared my thoughts on the different shades and formulas.

18:00I tested and reviewed the Fenty concealer, providing shade recommendations and discussing its coverage and finish.

25:00I applied the Huda Beauty peach pie powder and shared my experience with the product, highlighting its natural glow on the skin.

32:00I spritzed on the Sol de Janeiro Body Spray and gave my initial impressions on the scent and longevity of the fragrance.

40:00I concluded the video with final thoughts on all the products I tried and shared my overall recommendations.