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America's Party Town: New Year's Eve in Vegas

TLDRExperience the excitement of New Year's Eve in Las Vegas with thrilling jumps and daring stunts by Robbie Madison and Reese Millen. From jumping onto the Arc de Triomphe to attempting a backflip in a truck, these athletes push the boundaries of what's possible. Witness the thrill and adrenaline of their incredible feats.

Timestamped Summary

00:00America's Party Town on America's Party Night: New Year's Eve in Vegas

00:08Hundreds of Thousands of people gather on the Las Vegas Strip

00:32Robbie Madison attempts to jump onto the Arc de Triomphe

00:46Reese Millen attempts a backflip in a truck

09:15Truck lands but tips over after the backflip

10:58Reese Millen walks away from the successful backflip attempt