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Affordable Sports Cars: A Detailed Comparison

TLDRExplore three affordable sports cars, the S2000, 86, and Miata, with their unique features and driving experiences. Each car has its own design and focuses on different aspects of performance and usability. Find out which one suits your preferences and budget.

Key insights

💥The S2000 offers a pure driving experience with its simplistic design, driver-focused interior, and exceptional physical controls.

🚀The 86 provides a more functional option with usable backseats, a trunk, and adjustable steering for taller individuals.

🏎️The Miata offers a purposeful driving experience with its lightweight design, small dashboard, and enjoyable manual top.


Which car is the most affordable?

The 86 is the most affordable option among the three.

Which car offers the best driving experience?

The S2000 provides the best driving experience with its raw and connected feel.

Does the Miata have a convertible top?

Yes, the Miata features a manual top that can be easily put down or up.

Do these cars have adjustable suspension?

The S2000 and 86 have adjustable suspension, allowing for customization. The Miata does not offer this feature.

Which car is the most practical for everyday use?

The 86 is the most practical option thanks to its backseats, trunk space, and adjustable steering.

Timestamped Summary

00:42Introducing Autobahn Country Club in Joliet, Illinois, where three affordable sports cars are showcased.

01:26The S2000's simplistic design and driver-focused interior provide a pure driving experience.

02:44The 86 offers usability with its backseats, fold-down rear seats, and adjustable steering.

03:37The Miata features a small cabin, lightweight design, and a purposeful driving experience.

07:08Key differences between the AP1 and AP2 versions of the S2000.

08:52Overview of the 86's features and improvements over time.

11:02Introduction to the FRS, now known as the 86, and its evolution over the years.

12:53Advantages and disadvantages of the 86's architecture and handling.