A Unique Conversation with Dr. Royo: Exploring his Medical Expertise and Unconventional Practices

TLDRJoin Conan as he engages in a fascinating and humorous discussion with his peculiar physician, Dr. Royo, covering their unusual first meeting, medical specialties, availability, and the doctor's unconventional treatment methods.

Key insights

👨‍⚕️Dr. Royo emphasizes his experience and expertise gained from medical school, offering Conan a unique perspective on his capabilities as a physician.

😂Conan and Dr. Royo exchange humorous banter, highlighting the doctor's amusing responses and playful interactions.

💼Dr. Royo demonstrates a preference for cash payments, citing simplicity and confidentiality as reasons for this unorthodox method.

🌆The doctor's flexibility and willingness to meet Conan outside of the traditional medical setting showcases his unconventional approach to patient care.

💊Dr. Royo's practice involves cautionary prescription practices, intentionally limiting Conan's access to potentially addictive pills, showing the doctor's dedication to his patient's long-term well-being.


Does Dr. Royo specialize in a specific medical field?

Dr. Royo explains that he considers himself an all-around physician, relying on his experience and continuous learning to handle various medical cases.

Why does Dr. Royo prefer cash payments?

Dr. Royo prefers cash payments due to the simplicity and confidentiality it offers, avoiding extensive paperwork and potential scrutiny from the IRS.

Is Dr. Royo available to new patients?

Yes, Dr. Royo expresses his availability to all patients, welcoming inquiries and offering convenient meeting options to ensure efficient care.

Does Dr. Royo see other celebrity clients?

Dr. Royo maintains confidentiality regarding his other patients, avoiding any mention of specific clients in accordance with medical ethics and patient privacy.

What is Dr. Royo's patient assessment of Conan's physical condition?

While maintaining a humorous approach, Dr. Royo assures Conan that he is alive and well, emphasizing his expertise in giving accurate first opinions and ensuring his patient's general health.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Conan introduces an unconventional episode featuring his unique recounting of his experience with Dr. Royo and their unusual meeting.

03:30Dr. Royo discusses how his journey into medicine was different and emphasizes his expertise gained from attending an undisclosed medical school.

06:45Conan raises concerns regarding Dr. Royo's unusual office arrangement and preference for cash payments, leading to a lively discussion about confidentiality and financial efficiency.

10:15Dr. Royo shares his availability as a physician and explains his preferred method of meeting patients outside of traditional medical settings for convenience and a personal touch.

13:45Conan asks about Dr. Royo's approach to prescription practices, leading to a humorous interaction about the doctor's cautious approach and Conan's experience as his patient.

16:20Dr. Royo answers frequently asked questions, addressing his medical specialization, celebrity client confidentiality, and his assessment of Conan's current physical condition.