A Tour of Our Family Home - Behind the Scenes with Structured Prompt Engineer

TLDRJoin me on a tour of our imperfect but cozy family home, featuring sensory-friendly rooms, a secret hideout, and personalized spaces for each family member.

Key insights

🏠Our family home is designed to meet the sensory needs of our children, with sensory-friendly furniture and calming spaces.

🌿We have a vegetable garden where our kids learn to grow and use their own produce, promoting sensory exploration and self-sufficiency.

💤A weighted blanket and a mini trampoline help our child with calming and sensory regulation, especially during rainy days when outdoor play is limited.

🕹️Our secret room, equipped with game consoles and a cozy setup, is a go-to space for sleepovers and a quiet retreat for our kids.

🍽️Our dining room features a wobble cushion, which promotes core strengthening for children with ADHD or difficulty sitting still.


Why do you have a secret room in your house?

The secret room provides a special space for our kids to have sleepovers and a quiet place to relax and play.

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets can help promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality by providing deep pressure stimulation to the body.

How does the wobble cushion work?

The wobble cushion helps children with ADHD or difficulty sitting still by engaging their core muscles while sitting, promoting better focus and attention.

What inspired you to create a sensory-friendly home?

We wanted to create an environment that supports our children's sensory needs, providing them with spaces that are calming, engaging, and promote sensory exploration.

How do you encourage your kids to participate in gardening?

We involve our kids in the gardening process by teaching them how to plant, care for, and use the herbs and vegetables they grow. It's a hands-on learning experience that promotes sensory exploration and self-sufficiency.

Timestamped Summary

00:00Join me on a tour of our cozy family home, which may not be perfect but is full of love and personalized spaces for each family member.

00:29Our child's room features a mini trampoline and a weighted blanket to promote sensory regulation and provide calming exercises, especially during rainy days.

02:45In the living room, we have a Korean couch that has survived various challenges, such as poo smearing incidents and scribbling with pens.

06:03Our secret room is a favorite space for our kids, equipped with game consoles and cozy seating, perfect for sleepovers and quiet retreats.

07:13Our bedroom features a unique addition—a bath. It has become a favorite calming activity for our child, especially when accompanied by magnesium salts and lavender oil.