A Recap of Rose City Comic-Con

TLDRRose City Comic-Con was a decent convention with steady traffic. Sales were good overall, but there were a few weird experiences. The convention center was huge, featuring a large artist alley and vendor hall. The setup took longer than expected, and there was a long line for popular attractions like Voodoo Donuts. Overall, it was a good Saturday, and the artist is excited for the next day.

Key insights

🌟Steady traffic and good sales at Rose City Comic-Con

😕Some weird experiences with visitors at the artist's table

🌃The convention center had a huge artist alley and vendor hall

Setup took longer than anticipated

🍩Long lines for popular attractions like Voodoo Donuts


How was the traffic at Rose City Comic-Con?

The traffic at Rose City Comic-Con was steady, and there were a lot of people walking by. However, it was hard to get attention due to the crowded walkway.

How were the sales at the convention?

The sales at the convention were good overall. The artist had a few weird experiences with visitors, but in general, it was a successful day.

What was the setup like at the convention center?

The convention center had a huge artist alley and vendor hall. It was a large space with plenty of booths and exhibits.

Did the artist encounter any challenges during setup?

Yes, the setup took longer than anticipated. It was a bit challenging, but the artist managed to finish in time.

Were there any popular attractions at the convention?

Yes, there were popular attractions like Voodoo Donuts that had long lines. It was a must-visit spot for many attendees.

Timestamped Summary

00:00The artist prepares for Rose City Comic-Con by trimming sticker sheets and packing prints.

08:00The artist sets up their booth at the convention center and experiences steady traffic throughout the day.

24:01The artist enjoys dinner and explores a bookstore before heading back to their hotel.

30:01The artist shares their experience and thoughts on the first day of the convention.

36:01The artist starts the second day of the convention with breakfast and a visit to Voodoo Donuts.

50:01The artist reflects on their experiences and the overall traffic and sales at Rose City Comic-Con.